Uses of Tentage Rentals in Singapore

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Published: 12th November 2010
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The word "tentage" is so uncommon to people in Singapore that 4 out of 5 people scratch their heads when asked about that. Little do they know that tentages are actually a very common sight in Singapore.

Singapore has a total area of 710km2 and is considered a very small country. As such, land in Singapore is very expensive and Singapore always has a problem of land constraint. Well, the solution to such a problem is through the use of tentages.

A tentage is made up of metal steel poles that are joined together and is covered by a sheet of waterproof material. Making the structure rain proof. They take on many shapes and sizes and can be customized according to your preference.

The most common sight that any Singaporeans will be able to relate to will be the famous Pasar Malam, also known as Night Markets. Famous for its cheap goods and delicious street snack food, Pasar Malams have grown quite a lot of recognition in Singapore over the years. And that's where the usage of tentages comes in. Because most Pasar Malams last for a short period of time, the structures used to shield them from the rain needs to be easy to set up and dismantle. Also, the structures need to be able to install everyday home appliance into them. That's where the versatility of tentages comes in. Tentages can be equipped with lights, fans gas appliances, air conditioners, chairs, tables and can even accommodate a generator to power up the appliance if there is no power supply.

Another common Sight in Singapore would be the respective GRCs which hold the annual bursary awards and the annual national day event at certain locations. Those tents are made to hold huge amounts of people exceeding 1000 and can be expanded according to the demand needed.

Using tentages in a wedding is also a growing trend in Singapore. More couples going towards the unorthodox method of throwing a wedding, whether it is at the Sentosa beach or Istana Park. These wedding tentages are normally fitted with A/C units and with top end equipment to fit the occasion's theme. In fact, most tentage weddings actually costs lesser than holding one at a hotel or restaurant.

Tentages are easy to rent and is relatively affordable, one can do so by calling any company and they would be able to give you a quote and also advise you on the additional equipment needed to make your event a success.

Jonathan Yeo is the owner of Tentage Rental Singapore. The company specializes in tentage rental for any occasion and has years of experience under his belt. for more information regarding rental of tentages or to find out about our latest promotions, feel free to contact him at 92283090 or email him at or visit the website at

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